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Hojicha Mochi Muffin Recipe

Hojicha Mochi Muffin Recipe

Sachiko Murata |

What is "Mochi Muffin"?! Most Japanese people could never guess what it is. In fact, I was also one of those people until I read an article written in Los Angels, USA.  

This recipe is inspired by that article about a popular Mochi muffin shop located in LA.


What's Mochi?

Have you heard the word "Mochi"? Mochi (餅), translated as a rice cake , is a traditional food made mainly from Mochigome(もち米) or sticky rice or glutinous rice in English, and has many uses in savory dishes and sweets. 

Here are a couple of the many types of mochi eaten in Japan. Ozoni is mochi soup made in almost home at New Year, when we wish for good health in the upcoming year. 






Daifuku mochi or Daifuku is a traditional confection made with small round mochi stuffed with a sweet filling made from azuki beans.  



Daifuku mochi (大福餅)


In the USA , it seems there is a cake called a mochi cake which is made from rice flour called Mochiko flour, also known as sweet rice flour.

In fact, in Japan, there are two other types of rice flour for Mochi in Japan, Shiratamako and Jyoshinko, in addtion to Mochiko flour. After making experiments with these flours, I chose the flour called Shiratamako for this recipe.



What's Shiratama flour?

Although Shiratamako or Shiratama flour is made from the same rice called Mochigome (餅米) or sticky rice or glutinous rice as Mochiko flour, the way it is made is different.

Shiratama flour needs more processing to make into a powder as it is made by wet milling, compared to Mochiko flour ,which is simply ground dried rice. 

As a result, Shiratama flour creates a soft, smooth and chewy texture.



Let's Make Smooth and Chewy Muffins! 

Pieces of your favorite chocolate bar can be used to top this Hojicha flavored Mochi muffin. Hojicha (roasted green tea) flavor goes very well with chocolate. 



Thick smooth and texture inside, and crispy outside! Delicious. 

It's gluten free and a simple one-bowl recipe. You don't even need baking powder for baking these muffins. 

Let's try ! 



Hojicha Mochi Muffin RECIPE





[ For 6 muffins ]  

2 eggs

140g / 5oz sugar 

50ml rape seed oil *grape seed oil or sun flower oil are also suitable

100ml almond milk *cow milk's is also suitable

200g / 7oz Shiratama flour  ,crushed finely by a wooden stick or milled  

2 tbsp Hojicha powder

pinch of ginger powder, to taste.

a bar of chocolate, roughly broken or chopped




1 Preheat the oven to 170℃/340 °F.

2 Grease oil or line cups on the tin.

3 In a bowl, place the egg and sugar, and beat well. Add the oil and mix well.  

4 Add the Hojicha powder and stir, and then add Shiratama flour and stir well until the batter is smooth.

*You can leave the bowl for a while until Shiratama flour absorbs the liquid well if the batter doesn't get smooth.

5 Pour the mixture into the tin and add chocolates pieces on top, and bake for 20-25 minutes at 170℃/340 °F until a thin stick comes out clean when inserted into the muffing.




You can reheat them the following day, to revive their chewy texture, if required.



Instead of Shiratama flour, you can use Mochiko flour, but Shiratama flour gives the best results.

White chocolate for topping will be nice.


Enjoy your tea time!



Today's Recommendations 

Shiratamako (glutinous rice flour)

Shiratamako glutinous rice flour from Niigata


Hojicha powder

Zenkouen: Zenkouen Tea Garden's Marugoto Series Hojicha Powder - This powder is grown by the Masuda family. They value natural harmony(自然の和) when growing their tea, and grow their tea without the use of pesticide or synthetic fertilizers. 


Wakoucha (Japanese black tea) 

Yunomi Tea House Blend Wakocha Japanese Black Tea

Japanese black tea, or wakocha, is produced primarily using tea cultivars meant for Japanese green teas. The taste is mild, and delicious without any sweetener or milk.  



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