We ship worldwide. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the availability of certain shipping methods, countries, and rates are constantly changing.

For the most current standard & promo rates: please add the items you'd like to purchase to your cart and use the shipping estimator to calculate.

The below policy was updated Jan 26, Japan time.

Domestic Shipping (within Japan)

  • No tracking regular mail (No guarantee of delivery) 追跡なしの普通郵便(届く保証はない)- Order amount $0 - $19.00: FREE
  • YUPACK (Japan Post) - Order amount ¥0 - ¥4999: ¥500
  • YUPACK (Japan Post) - Order amount ¥5000 or more: Free
  • Wholesale orders will be invoiced or refunded according to the actual shipping cost + 10% handling charge.
  • Domestic consumption tax will apply.

International Shipping

Postal airmail

Due to the coronavirus pandemic shipping availability via postal airmail is constantly changing. As of August, postal airmail shipping has resumed to many countries, but not all, and is also experiencing delays in some cases. Add the items you would like to purchase to your cart, and use the shipping estimator to see current rates. 

DHL Express Shipping

  • Regions: DHL shipping is available to most countries (import processing fees and VAT may be charged directly to you by DHL). Things to note:
    • DHL in Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia require you to be a business with an import license to receive deliveries
  • Tax & import processing fees
    • are not charged in the USA for tea
    • In Europe, Canada and other countries VAT / GST and other types of sales or import taxes may be required. To speed up processing, DHL will pay these fees on your behalf and then charge you locally with an additional processing fee. This processing fee varies per country (often 10 - 20 Euro but it may be percentage based as well). You should confirm with your local DHL office if this is an issue.
  • DHL Express charges processing fees to handle import taxes on your behalf which speeds up delivery. (DHL fee schedule - Bonded Storage fees, Advance Payment fees are most relavent)
  • Shipping promotions may be offered to retail customers, but should not be used by wholesale customers.
  • Remote area surcharges may be billed separately if your location is outside of DHL's service area (you will have the option to cancel if this is too high).

USA only - DHL / USPS combination

Orders are aggregated and sent by DHL Express from Japan to our partner in Los Angeles, and then forwarded by USPS

  • Up to 300 grams: ¥1000
  • Up to 500 grams: ¥1500

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DHL Rates for North America & Europe (select countries)

  • Up to 1.5kg: ¥2500 (EU: ¥3000)
  • Up to 4kg: ¥5000 (EU: ¥6500)
  • Up to 5kg: ¥7000 (EU: ¥8500)
  • Above 5kg: An initial ¥10,000 fee will be charged and we will calculate shipping after preparing the shipment. If the shipping charge is lower than ¥10,000, you will be refunded. If it is higher than ¥10,000, an invoice will be sent by email for the additional charge. An estimate of ¥2000/kg is recommended.
  • For the USA: A temporary special lower rate combining DHL and USPS shipment is available for small orders under 1000 grams. Please see rates at checkout.
  • IMPORTANT: These rates do not include taxes and customs processing fees that may be charged by DHL.

DHL Rates for Oceania / Asia

  • Up to 1.5kg: ¥2000
  • Up to 4kg: ¥4000
  • Up to 5kg: ¥6000
  • Above 5kg: An initial ¥10,000 fee will be charged and we will calculate shipping after preparing the shipment. An estimate of ¥2000/kg is recommended.

DHL / Postal Airmail Rates for other countries

For other countries, we will charge a $10 handling fee to investigate shipping methods and bill you afterwards ($10 fee will be counted toward shipping). A few days may be required to investigate. We kindly ask for your patience.

Yunomi Delivery Guarantee

A Yunomi Guarantee of Delivery is offered for all items with a tracking number. In the event of damage or loss, we will replace your item or a refund. However, we ask for your patience on processing time and in certain cases shipment time (allowing for a maximum of 2 months from shipment to delivery).

A guarantee against loss or damage is not offered for "Non-tracked postal airmail" -- we ask for your understanding in that you bear the risk for this shipping method.

Wholesale Orders

All orders from wholesale customers should be handled manually, with wholesale customer bearing the full cost of shipping / insurance. Wholesale customers are also fully responsible for the shipment after it is handed to the courier (Incoterms: FCA). No guarantee of delivery is provided, but we will aid with any problems to the best of our ability.