2021 Spring Harvested Teas

The spring harvest is the generally regarded as the best crop of the year. The term "shincha" (literally "new tea"), refers to this spring harvest in the first 1-2 months after after harvest, when the tea is at its freshest. Pre-order over 100 shincha from our producers, with 40+ shincha already in stock and shipping.


People to People

Yunomi.life brings you more than just a thousand teas from every part of Japan, we introduce you to the people behind each leaf, each cup.

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Culinary, Ceremonial, Heritage Grades from Japan's best producers


Gourmet Japanese Food Market

Our goal is to build up a collection of gourmet Japanese salts, seasonings, seaweeds, and other dried gourmet food products from Japan, so that you can enjoy the best with your tea. Help us out by suggesting products!