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Eat, Drink, Cook - Japanese Food & Recipes

  • How to Cook Japanese Rice in a Pan

    How to Cook Japanese Rice in a Pan

    This is an article about how to cook Japanese rice. This sounds simple, but I will show you how to get the best results. This is straight forward even if...

  • Sakura Butter Mochi Recipe

    Sakura Butter Mochi Recipe

    What's Butter Mochi? Butter mochi is a Hawaiian sweet, made from mochiko (sweet rice flour) instead of wheat flour. It's also a fusion of a Japanese ingredient ,western cooking, and...

  • Sakura Tea Latte Recipe

    Sakura Tea Latte Recipe

    Spring has returned! Some sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) and other spring flowers are blooming, plants are growing and birds are singing. Here is a drink that you can enjoy this...

  • Rose Petal Chocolate with Matcha Recipe

    Rose Petal Chocolate with Matcha Recipe

    If you feel like having a nice, romantic tea time ,this recipe is good for you. As well as a nice and creamy hot drink, it's a beautiful color combination...

  • Tea Infused Mulled Wine Recipe

    Tea Infused Mulled Wine Recipe

    Indulge yourself with this "tea-wine" on the festive season. This fruity warm drink will put you in the festive spirit and impress your holiday guests.    Combination of Black Tea...

  • Hojicha Spiced Biscuits Recipe

    Hojicha Spiced Biscuits Recipe

    Be a star baker this winter with these Christmas biscuits!  These biscuits will get you in the festive mood, and also get you to breathe a new style into your...

  • Red Shiso(Perilla) Dressing Recipe

    Red Shiso(Perilla) Dressing Recipe

    In the previous article, we introduced you to a quintessential herb for Japanese cuisine, red shiso ( also called purple shiso or perilla).    What's Red Shiso (Perilla) and How...

  • What is Red Shiso (Perilla) and How to Enjoy it

    What is Red Shiso (Perilla) and How to Enjoy it

    What's Red Shiso? Akajiso (赤紫蘇) in Japanese, red shiso or purple shiso,  also called perilla in the west, is a plant of the mint family (see the photo above on the...

  • Hojicha Pumpkin Latte Recipe

    Hojicha Pumpkin Latte Recipe

    Do you have any pumpkin puree left from the Halloween or have you got a pumpkin or a butternut squash on your shelf? Let's make a nice drink with it....