Note: Our Rewards Program was suspended on Jan 1, 2021, due to system changes. If you would like to redeem existing points for discount codes (max 5000 yen discount per code), please contact us at

By joining the Yunomi Rewards Program, you can earn reward points that can be exchanged for discount coupons and other rewards. To sign up, click on the Rewards tab at the bottom left. 

Earn Points

  1. MAKE A PURCHASE: Earn 2% of your purchase amount (excluding shipping costs). Example: Buy $30 worth of tea, spend $10 on shipping, and you will earn 60 points.
  2. CREATE AN ACCOUNT: Earn 100 points.
  3. COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE: Earn 100 points
  4. REFER A FRIEND: Earn 1000 points when the friend you refer makes an order of $30 or more. Your friend will receive a 20% off coupon to encourage them to purchase (minimum $30 order).
  5. FOLLOW US on Instagram and Twitter to earn 100 points each.
  6. WRITE A REVIEW for 100 points.

Get Rewards

To see current points and rewards currently available, login, and click on the Rewards tab at the bottom left of this screen, then click on Learn More.

VIP Tiers

Tier Qualification Bonus Points Multiplier
Spend $500
1,000 points
Spend $1000
2,500 points 1.2x
Spend $2500 5,000 points 1.5x
Connoisseur Spend $5000 10,000 points 2x

Note: This Rewards Program is not available to wholesale accounts. Abuse of any aspect of this program constitutes a violation of our Terms of Use, and may result in account deletion and denial of service.