Yunomi Staff Selected Green Tea, 100 grams - Donating 20% of Revenue to Support Ukrainian Refugee Relief

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You choose the level of tea, and allow the Yunomi staff to choose the specific tea that you'll receive.

20% of Purchase Will Be Donated to Peace Winds Japan Ukrainian Refugee Relief in Poland/Moldova

Like many of you, we have been shocked by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. As people flee Ukraine, Peace Winds Japan, a Japan-based non-governmental organization dedicated to humanitarian rescue and relief efforts, has begun helping relief efforts for the surge of Ukrainian refugees. They have sent staff to Poland and Moldova to evaluate needs and begin mobilizing resources from Japan. They have are also working with Ukrainian organizations to send medical supplies to 20 hospitals and clinics in Kyiv.

We have already donated 50,000 yen to start, and will be donating 20% of the revenue from purchases of this staff selected tea during March.

May 25th update: we have collected an additional 63470 yen as a result of your support! We topped off this amount to 70000 yen and made second donation today. We are also sending free tea to our customers in Ukraine as a show of support now that postal mail has resumed. Thank you!

The main reason we are doing this is that we have customers in Ukraine, your fellow tea lovers in Ukraine. I have sent them an email to let them know we are praying for their safety. I hope for a response though it may be difficult for them to respond. If we are able to reach them, and if there is a need and a way to send them funds, I may redirect the donation funds to them.

Thank you for your cooperation, Ian Chun, Yunomi Tea Merchant

  • DAILY -  Usually a bancha, low-grade sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, or aracha (unrefined leaf before stems and fannings are removed).
  • DELICIOUS - Usually low grade spring harvested green teas, sometimes kukicha stem teas.
  • PREMIUM /  LUXURY - Usually high grade spring harvested Sencha, Kabusecha, or Gyokuro.
  • Net weight: 100g / 3.5 oz. Minimum of 100 grams will be included. (For example, if a bag is 80 grams, an extra 20 grams of a different tea may be added).
  • Genmaicha, Bancha, Hojicha, Kabusecha, Gyokuro, and of course Sencha will be among the green tea types that you might receive.
  • Order as much as you need!!

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