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Yunomi Wholesale Buyer Application

Interested in selling tea from Japan?
Apply here for a wholesale account.


NOTE: Registering for an individual account ahead of time speeds up the application process.

Wholesale accounts are available companies intending reselling tea as well as organizations distributing tea to their members including tea clubs, student organizations, etc. If you are unsure, please submit your application and we will contact you.


As a marketplace (not a tea company), in general we do not give out samples, but will give you a significant discount on the purchase of retail 10g packets for evaluation if your application is approved.


A standard wholesale discount rate is applied to Wholesale Accounts and depends on the vendor. Once approved and logged in, you will see new prices on products that are eligible. Different rates are applied to different vendors depending on our contract with the vendor.

However, publicly advertised coupons and other discounts do not apply to wholesale purchases. Your order will be voided and refunded with a surcharge of 5% of the order amount (95% refund) if you attempt to use coupons/discounts meant for retail buyers.

Please contact us if you are unsure prior to placing your order. Discount rates take effect once you have added the items to your cart. If you have problems, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at All payments are conducted through PayPal or by international wire transfer. Processing of your order will take place after payment is received.


Our business model is to connect small tea retailers (and individual connoisseurs) with the type of tea they would not otherwise be able to get from importers...teas from artisan tea farms and tea shops with long history. So, we have no minimum order quantity. If there is a minimum order quantity from the supplier, we bear that cost on your behalf. In exchange though, there is no exclusivity for any country. Certain items may be grouped into lots, for example, 10 x 1kg cases.


We currently have permission to offer teas in 1kg bulk units (1kg bags) from several suppliers. If a 1kg option doesn't exist for your product on Yunomi, that most likely means we have not negotiated a price for that quantity with the supplier. Your interest in the product will be our reason for asking for bulk pricing from that supplier. You should contact in that case. If you need quantities of 30kg+ for any one tea per order, we may be able to renegotiate a lower price depending on the supplier.


If you require a certain item, configuration, private labeling, please contact to discuss terms. We work with packaging suppliers, for multiple packaging types including packages with Japanese design, resealable stand-up pouches, Japanese washi paper cans, etc. Small orders will be packed at our office, while larger orders will utilize outsourced, professional packers in the Japanese tea industry.

Our standard fees for private labeling and drop shipping are here - Please note the various risks you and your customer may face when drop shipping internationally.


Payment may be made either by PayPal or International Wire Transfer from your bank to ours (Japanese yen payments, minimum 25,000 yen). If you plan to pay by International Wire Transfer, please inquire as to the exchange rate in effect and transfer information.


We carry inventory of many of the products listed on the site, but only in small quantities. After payment, if we cannot fulfill your order from our own inventory we will procure the rest from the supplier. Please note that most of the tea suppliers (farms and shops) we work with are actually quite small, with minimal production capacity (as well as commitments to Japanese customers). If you end up needing 100kg of a tea product to supply a large account, this may not be possible. We can provide alternatives such as working with our largest partner, who can supply up to several tons of tea. SIZE: If a 1kg option doesn't exist for your product on Yunomius, that most likely means we have not negotiated a price for that quantity with the supplier. Your interest in the product will be our reason for asking for bulk pricing from that supplier. You should contact me in that case.


We offer several shipping options in the system, and a short table or rates and approximate shipping time is available here: Shipping Rates -- for larger orders, you can inquire with me or place your order in the system and proceed to checkout where the shipping will be calculated. We highly recommend that you choose EMS shipping or purchase tracking & insurance if using Standard or Economy Airmail. All orders are shipped through JAPAN POST and your country's post office.

LEAD TIME PRIOR TO SHIPMENT: For orders that include back-ordered items, please allow at least 20 days processing time prior to shipment. For large orders, lead time may be up to 3-4 weeks depending on the supplier and the product. Please inquire with us to confirm.

SHIPMENT TERMS: EX-Works (for details see here). However, we will work with you to help you in case of any trouble with the shipping company or Post Office. Because you are responsible for the product/shipment after it leaves our premises, we highly recommend that you choose fully insured Express Airmail. Note: Yunomi Delivery Guarantee applies only to individual retail orders, not wholesale orders.


GENERAL POLICY: We ask that you cooperate with us in ensuring the proper import documentation is included with the shipment. We will not be held liable for costs associated with shipments that are refused entry, returned to us, or disposed.

UNITED STATES: We carry out FDA Prior Notice of Import registration free of charge for every shipment of food products into the United States. If your destination facility is a registered food facility, please inform us of the facility registration number in parenthesis next to your company name so that we may be compliant with regulations.

EU: The EU Declaration of Import is no longer needed for tea products (CLICK HERE for info) as of April, 2014. However, customs officials may not be fully informed, and we recommend that you confirm with the customs office in your country. If they say otherwise, you should point to the actual regulation from the EU in the above link.

ALL REGIONS: Purchases of value over 200,000 yen will need export permission for the Japanese government. There is no charge for this documentation, but there may be a 1 week delay. Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between purchasing here and on one of your partner sites?

Matcha Latte Media operates both as well as and on behalf of those respective merchants and farmers. These sites have prices listed in Japanese yen, and products are shipped from Yunomi. 

Shipping fees: To aggregate shipping fees, you must purchase from Shipping fees will not be reduced if you purchase on the partner sites separately. 

We used to operate and for those farmers, but have taken a tech maintenance role. Purchasing from these websites is a direct transaction between you and those farms, but we maintain very close relationships with them, and you may contact us if you have any trouble.


After your application has been approved by us, return to this page to see the wholesale discount rates as well as detailed policies. There is no obligation to purchase nor any fee associated with registration, but you do agree upon registration to receive product information and other news specific to tea industry professionals to increase your knowledge of Japanese tea. (Sent no more than once a week, and generally 1-4 times per month.)