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If you upload a logo, we will create a very basic front label for you. Food labeling requirements follow US rules, and if you need a specific format, please send us your label design. Once we have your design on file, there is no need to upload.
For matcha products, some items have fixed packaging. See specific product.
You may also upload a text file instead of an image to indicate your label text/info. Please be sure to format or indicate a format that is compliant with labeling regulations in your country.

2019-04-15: We have decided to close our per unit private label program. Minimum for private labeling starts at 50 units per product per order. Please contact us for more information if interested.

Private labeling & packing service

What is included:

  • Application of your label (i.e. removal of Yunomi label)
  • (if necessary) basic text label with or without logo will be printed
  • (if necessary) repackaging in kraft resealable bags


What can be repackaged?

Any type of tea can be repackaged. The size will be the size of the product listed on Yunomi. For custom sizes, please inquire. Matcha and other powdered products are cannot be repackaged, but can be either labeled, or can be placed into an outer bag.


For size, please inquire as the bag size will differ per product / configuration, and that will determine the label size.


Label paper uses standard copy paper material (0.07 mm, 120g/m2).

Send us your label

You may send us your label for application, or your bag for repackaging.

Fees not included

Custom bags, custom labels printed professionally are not included in this fee.

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