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For leaf teas and multi-packs: if one size is out-of-stock but a different size is available, we may be able to repack the item. Please inquire.

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Our drop shipping program is meant as an occasional service to ship product to your wholesale clients, not regular shipments to individual customers. 

Drop shipping fee indicates to our staff the order should include your invoice instead of ours, and that customs values for products should use your retail prices, not our wholesale prices to you.

All products in our stock is labeled with Yunomi labels. To indicate to our staff that the product should not have Yunomi labels, or should have your labels, please add the below fee to your order as well. 

Private Label Fee

All shipments to the USA must be registered with the FDA and we can do this registration for you for a fee per product (different sizes of same tea count as different products).


  1. Send your invoice to us by email:
  2. Add this fee to your cart
  3. Add the products you would like to drop ship to your cart
  4. Add private label fee / FDA registration fee if needed
  5. Checkout using your customer's address as the shipping address. Use your address as the billing address.
  6. Select the shipping method
  7. Make payment 

Be sure that your product price or shipping calculation also incorporates this drop shipping fee as well as shipping rates from Japan. Due to the international nature of shipping from Japan, this service is recommended to help you minimize inventory costs as you start your business but is not recommended for larger scale as domestic fulfillment services are a better option.

Processing time is generally 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of your order. Initial private label orders may require extra time as we work out your labeling requirements.

Multiple orders require you to make multiple orders on our system due to shipping rate calculations. Alternatively, you can group your orders by uploading a ZIP file of your invoices and purchasing mulitple drop shipping fees. A manual adjustment for total shipping costs will be made and sent to you prior to shipping out your orders. Please allow 3 extra days for processing in such cases.

Responsibility: All wholesale orders are shipped FCA, meaning our responsibility for the order ends when the package is handed to the courier. If the package is lost or damaged enroute, you will need to repurchase it. The Yunomi Delivery Guarantee applies only to retail orders.

CUSTOMS: Please note that we must put the value of the shipment on the green customs label or the shipping labels. In addition, the Express and Parcel Post methods must have commercial invoices (yours) with product values, total value, and shipping charged for customs inspection.

For shipments to the U.S., we are required to write the FDA Prior Notice registration number on your invoice and/or package. We will make the application on your behalf if you need it; you will be registered as the transmitter of the information, and your customer will be registered as the Importer.

Your customer will be responsible for paying any fees due before receiving the package (import taxes, consumption tax, sales tax, etc.). Please be aware of the necessary requirements and communicate this with your customer as part of the sale process. For green tea, USA and Canada do not have import duties, EU countries generally charge around 21% for VAT in addition to other fees.

Private Label Service

You may private label most products on this website for a fee. We can produce basic labels for you, or you may send us your own pre-printed labels. We will notify you if a product cannot be private labeled. Packaging used is primarily resealable craft bags, but you may supply your own packaging or ask us to source special packaging for a fee.

Regarding organic products

Please note that we are not registered to label products as organic even if they are originally made from certified organic ingredients. The original Japanese package may have a certified organic logo though if it is an organic product. Any item repacked by us will lose its qualification as a certified organic product.

Legally, there are other regulations governing the import of organic products for resale (in both US and EU a designated certificate must be signed by a customs official per shipment and there is a cost involved in obtaining the certificate per supplier). Drop shipping is somewhat of a gray area in most countries since the importer is the customer who is not planning to resell the product but consume it themselves, so where the sale "takes place" is often not determined by law (though every region is different).

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