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Private Label Matcha

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Wholesale Products Pre-purchase matcha Private label fee for all other products

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This section is specifically for matcha that can be private labeled (our inventory is stored mostly unlabeled, and we can place your label onto the package). You may also private label other tea products from specific suppliers for a fee.


  1. Place your products into your cart (you'll be required to add an image of the label for confirmation),
  2. then add the drop shipping fee (you will be required add the invoice between you and your customer for customs documentation).
  3. If you plan to private label products not in this section, please add the private label fee.

Postal Insurance

Express Airmail comes with up to $200 in insurance for loss or damage, $100 for Premium. Additional insurance for Express or for Premium Airmail can be puchased here. Claims must be made by the recipient of the product to their local post office for the claim to be processed here in Japan. Once the claim is finalized here in Japan, we will receive the funds, and refund you.

Invoices, Address & Shipping Labels

The sender/exporter will be your name from our address. You are responsible for providing your customer with an address for product returns. Labels will be void of branding. Recipient's name, address and phone number are required. 

Customs forms are also required and must declare the value of the shipment. That should be the value of your sale to your customer, or you will not be able to make an insurance claim. All sales value must be declared, and an invoice(s) included with the shipment. "Gift" shipments with values hidden are not possible for international airmail.

Invoices should be commercial invoices with the product name, net weight, unit cost, line-item subtotal, and order total. We will use the shipping address on this invoice for shipment. You need to upload only one invoice per order. If uploading multiple invoices for multiple orders, please use a .ZIP file.

Processing & Shipment time

In general, we require 2-4 business days to process your order, and 3-5 days for shipment for Express Airmail, 1-2 weeks for Premium Airmail, and 1-3 weeks for Standard Airmail.

Regarding Organic Certification

Our G-series indicates that the matcha itself is certified organic according to JAS (as well as USDA, EU, AB standards). (Note: Due to documentation requirements with the certification body, the product loses its official organic certification when we apply a custom label.)

For organic certification (to sell the product as an organic product with a custom label that includes an organic certification mark), a minimum production order of 10 kilograms is required. Please inquire if interested.