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Sakura Daifuku Mochi (さくら大福) Recipe

Sakura Daifuku Mochi (さくら大福) Recipe - Yunomi.life

Sachiko Murata |

Sakura (Cherry blossoms) is going to bloom soon, around the 19th of March, here in the Kanto district, Japan, according to the sakura forecast. Pink, pink,pink.... lovely pink decorations are everywhere in town waiting for the sakura to bloom.



I have made a dessert with sakura blossoms to share the spring feeling here with you. 


Salt-pickled sakura blossoms (桜の塩漬け)


Aren't they cute?

These salt-pickled sakura blossoms are lovely in cooking and for making desserts to add flavor and color, and also to add the special aroma called "coumarin" resembling the scent of vanilla. The blossoms will make you happy.  

Using the pleasant sakura blossoms, I made Daifuku mochi (大福餅).



Daifuku mochi (大福餅)/ Daifuku (大福)


Daifuku mochi or Daifuku is a Japanese traditional confectionery consisting of a small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans.


How to add spring feeling to Daifuku mochi

I made a mochi filling with Koshi-an (smooth red bean paste) and sakura blossoms




Can you see the lovely pink color in Koshi-an (smooth red bean paste) ?

I also added a blossom on top of Daifuku.




Making Daifuku mochi is easier than you'd imagine 

Making Daifuku mochi is quite simple. You can make the covering with a microwave.The main ingredients for this recipe are Shiratamako (glutinous rice flour) for the covering, Koshi-an (smooth sweet red bean paste) for the filling and salt-pickled sakura blossoms.


Shiratamako(glutinous rice flour), Koshi-an (smooth red bean paste), salt-pickled sakura blossoms from the left


Get them and let’s make Sakura Daifuku Mochi!


Sakura Daifuku Mochi RECIPE        



[ For 6 pieces of mochi ] 

80g/ 3oz of Shiratamako (glutenous rice flour)

120g/ 5oz of water

50g/ 2oz of sugar

160g / 5oz of Koshi-an (smooth red bean paste)    

  *you can make it easily with a half pack of this Azuki Bean Powder. See the instructions on the product page. 

15g (about 20 pieces) of salt-pickled sakura blossoms 

  *6 blossoms for topping, 12-15 blossoms for filling

starch for sprinkling        

a little bit of red food coloring     (not necessary)




・Soak the sakura blossoms in water, changing water 1-2 times for 10 minutes to remove salt. Dry the blossoms with a paper napkin. 

・Sprinkle starch on a tray to prevent the mochi from sticking. 


1 For the filling, chop the blossoms finely, add into the Koshi-an and mix. Roll into even-sized 6 balls. 




2 For the covering, in a heat-proof bowl, place Shiratamako(glutinous rice flour). Add the water little by little, stirring continuously with a spatula. When lumps are gone, add food coloring and sugar, and stir. 

3 Microwave on 600w for 2 minutes, and stir quickly with a spatula.Microwave it again with 600w for 1 minutes, and stir quickly again. It is done if it looks translucent and glossy.

*If your microwave is low wattage, you might need to microwave an extra 15-30 seconds.

4 Transfer the mixture onto the tray with starch sprinkled, and sprinkle starch on the mixture with a tea strainer.



5 Divide it into 6 pieces with a scraper. Take the piece and make into a flat disc. Put the ball-shaped filling in the middle of the piece and wrap it. Pull the edges into the center and pinch it together. 



6 Place the mochi seam-side down, add the sakura blossom on top. Repeat with the remaining mochi.   

*Put starch on your hands when you work with the mixture as it’s very sticky.  Sprinkle more starch to the mixture if it’s too sticky. Better to work when the mixture is warm.






You can also make the Daifuku Mochi “bloom” like this one.



Microwave the blossom on 600w for 20-30 seconds. 


Enjoy your time with Sakura Daifuku mochi ! 



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Today's Recommendation        

If you can't get the Koshi-an (smooth sweet red bean paste), you can make it easily with this dried Azuki powder just by adding water and sugar.  

Hokkaido Azuki Bean Powder used for Red Bean Paste 北海道産小豆 あずきあん



・Shiratamako (glutinous rice flour)

Shiratamako Glutinous Rice Powder from Niigata


・Salt-pickled Sakura Blossoms

Tomizawa Shoten: Salt-Pickled Sakura Blossoms (Japanese-grown) 桜花の塩漬

Obubu Tea: Sakura Flowers Herbal Tea

Salt-Pickled Sakura Tea Blossoms by Marui Shokuhin 


Other Sakura products 

Tomizawa Shoten: Sakura Blossom Flakes (Japanese-grown)

These blossoms have been freeze-dried and crushed into flakes. For use as sprinkling on baked goods and dessert, or as flavoring.


Tomizawa Shoten: Freeze Dried Sakura Blossom Powder (Japanese-grown)

These blossoms have been freeze-dried and crushed into flakes. For use as sprinkling on baked goods and dessert, or as flavoring.


Tomizawa Shoten: Sakura Leaf Powder from Shizuoka 桜葉パウダー 30g

Powdered Oshima sakura leaves from Shizuoka. Used to create the flavor of sakura mochi, etc.


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