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Oolong Tea Jelly with Roses Recipe

Oolong Tea Jelly with Roses Recipe

Sachiko Murata |

This tea flavored jelly is a light dessert, and can look impressive with rose! It looks attractive, romantic, taste delicious and is also easy to make. How about making it for the Valentine's day?


Perfect Match of Oolong Tea and Roses

"Oolong tea" came to mind when I was thinking of a nice dessert with roses. 

Oolong tea is a traditional semi-oxidized Chinese tea categorized between green tea and black tea. Some tea farmers in Japan produce and offer oolong tea made with locally grown tea, alongside wakoucha (Japanese black tea). The flavor of oolong tea varies depending on the growing conditions and the degree of fermentation.The flavor goes very well with rose, and of the oolong varieties, I thought this tea is the best for this recipe.


Miyazaki Sabou MY16: Oolong Tea - Takachiho Single Cultivar


This oolong tea  has a very green or vegetal profile with a light body and slight astringent notes. This flavor matches perfectly with rose, and taste delicious.



Making Jelly with Your Teapot 

To make the jelly as easy as possible, it's made with the tea pot you steeped oolong tea. Of course, you can make the jelly in a bowl or jug, too.




Let's start !



Oolong Tea Jelly RECIPE





[ For 2 glasses/ a teapot for 300ml

4 tsp(8g) powdered gelatine 

2 tbsp cool water 

5g/0.2oz of oolong tea leaves 

300ml of hot water (80℃/176 °F 

2 tsp sugar 

rose syrup 

dried rose petals  soaked in water before serving, to taste




1 In a small cup, place the powdered gelatine and add 2 tbsp of water. 

2 Steep the oolong tea in a pot, 80℃/176 °F, 90seconds. Remove the tea leaves and add sugar.

3 Add the soaked gelatine (1) in the pot, and stir until dissolved.*If the temperature of the tea is too high, the jelly might become cloudy. Gelatine dissolves between 55℃/176 °F-60℃/176 °F. 

4 Cool the pot in the fridge /or pour the mixture to a bowl and put in the fridge until set.

5 Crush jelly with a spoon ,and place it into glasses and pour rose syrup over them. Put rose petals on top, to taste.




Instead of rose syrup, you can add Kuromitsu (Japanese black-syrup), condensed milk or lemon/agave syrup.



Today's Recommendations 

Oolong Tea 

Miyazaki Sabou MY14: Oolong Tea - Minami Sayaka Single Cultivar

MInami Sayaka is the tea cultivar mainly grown in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyusyu, and has a distinctive aroma. It has a very green or vegetal profile with a light body and slight astringent notes. The aftertaste grows in astringency.  

Grown and processed by the Miyazaki Family, with organic fertilizer and without pesticides.


Rose Syrup 

Okuizumo Rose Garden: Rose Syrup 100 ml

Made from a unique rose variety, Sahime, the "Princess" rose, cultivated organically in the beautiful Okuizumo Rose Garden in Shimane Prefecture. Its rich floral notes and delicate sweetness is perfect as a cordial, or mixed in an elegant cocktail.


Rose Petals 

Okuizumo Rose Garden: Rose Petal Herbal Tea (Sahime - Rose Princess Cultivar)

This is also from the Okuizumo Rose Garden in Shimane from an artisanal rose producer known throughout Japan for their high quality edible roses. Grown with organic fertilizer, and without pesticides, and picked on an April morning for maximum aroma. Enjoy the heavenly aroma of roses from the garden.


Tea Pot   

HARIO: Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot 300 ml (for this recipe)

HARIO: Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot 450 ml    

HARIO: Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot 700 ml    




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