Okuizumo Rose Garden: Rose Petal Herbal Tea (Rose Princess Cultivar)

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Sahime, Premium edible rose cultivar from Shimane, Japan

The first thing you notice when you open the bag is a heavenly breeze of fresh roses...as if you were walking through a rose garden just after a spring shower.

Steeping recommendation

Tea: 2 tsp of petals. Time: 5 min. Water: 90C/195F, 100 ml. The initial color extracted from the petals will be blue and the liquor will gradually transform into violet, then finally a rosy red.

2 tsp of petals is about 0.3 grams. So a 5-gram bag should yield around 15 100 ml cups.

Product info

  • Ingredients: Rose petals.
  • Cultivar: Sahime, the rose princess.
  • Harvest: April, plucked in the morning for maximum strength of aroma. Organic fertilizer used, no pesticides used.
  • Region: Nagahisa Village, Oda City, Shimane, Japan.
  • Storage: Keep airtight in cool, dry area away from sunlight.
  • Made in Japan

Producer info

Okuizumo Rose Garden is an artisanal rose producer known throughout Japan for their high quality edible roses which director Atsushi Fukuma developed over a 10-year period. Location: 411-14 Nagahisaguchi, Nagahisacho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. 

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