Azuma Tea Garden: Roasted Tencha Hojicha Powder

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Azuma Tea Garden

Azuma Tea Garden's unique product, Hojicha powder, is made by roasting the tencha (not sencha), type of tea used to make matcha. After roasting the tencha, it is processed into powder, just like matcha. Most hojicha powder is made from hojicha (roasted rolled leaves usually from large bancha leaves).

The rich, roasty flavor can be enjoyed for simply drinking it as hojicha, or can be used as a flavoring when making cake, ice cream, or other sweets.

Uses 100% Wazuka (Kyoto) grown tea. No artificial coloring, preservative, or chemical additives.


Tea: 2g (about 1 tsp). Water: 90C/194F, 200 ml. Also good for baking, or mix hot milk in for a latte.

Product Info

  • Name: Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Powder
  • Japanese name: ほうじ茶パウダー
  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Net weight: 100 grams
  • Cultivar: Blended
  • Harvest: Summer
  • Region: Wazuka, Kyoto

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