Azuma Tea GardenAzuma Tea Garden


The Azuma Tea Garden is a family-operated, fourth generation farm specializing in Tencha tea leaf cultivation and processing. Founded in the late 19th century the family manages tea fields in the mountains of Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan. While not fully certified organic yet, they are in the process of converting to organic cultivation.

Our Story

Wazuka-cho in Kyoto is known as the main production region of Uji tea. Surrounded by mountains, river, clean air and rich soil, Wazuka is a region suited for growing tea. Our tea fields are located in the eastern part of Wazuka-cho, where neither trains nor major road runs. The scenery of endless tea fields is designated as Kyoto's "cultural landscape".


12 years have passed since I first started helping out the farm labor in a tea field of Wazuka. Through my experiences of managing, harvesting, and looking after the tea fields, I learned the difficulty of tea production and profundity of Uji matcha. While studying for a certified Japanese tea instructor, I leaned more about the benefits of matcha.

I love to drink matcha but the whole process of preparing a bamboo whisk, matcha bowl, hot water, etc…was a bit too much. Then, I came up with these keywords: “simple & easy,” “healthy & nutritious,” and “Japanese ingredients & warmth.” And now, we are proud to present Azuma Chaen’s sweet matcha powders!

Our History

Name: Azuma Tea Garden Location: 125-1 Miyano Monzen, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, 619-1204 JAPAN Size / # of Fields: 5 hectares / 12.95 acres, in the process of converting to certified organic cultivation Established: Azuma Tea Garden was founded in Meiji era (late 19th century) and the current head is the fourth generation.

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