Yamane-en: Burdock Root Tea from Kagoshima (Goboucha)

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Steeping Notes 

  • RECOMMENDED: Put 1 teaspoon full of burdock tea into a mug cup and pour hot water into the mug. Enjoy the tea as well as the burdock (its deeply roasted and so is edible).
  • FOR A FAMILY: Put 1 teaspoon full of burdock tea in a teapot, pour 300 cc (10.2 fl oz) of hot water into the pot. Wait for 3 minutes and the tea is ready!

Product Info

  • Name: Burdock Root Tea from Kagoshima (Goboucha) 
  • Japanese name: 鹿児島県産のごぼう茶
  • Ingredients: Burdock root (Gobou) 
  • Region: Kagoshima

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