Dattan Sobacha (Aomori Grown) by Yamane-en 韃靼そば茶 青森県 十和田産

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100% Japan grown (Aomori Prefecture), grown pesticide-free dattan sobacha (Tartary buckwheat tea)! 

Sobacha tea is roasted buckwheat tea. This specific sobacha is made from dattan soba 韃靼蕎麦 (tartary buckwheat, also known as bitter buckwheat) grown in Towada City of Aomori Prefecture and contains 100 times the amount of rutin (1500mg / 100g) compared to common buckwheat. Roasty flavor of sobacha is caffeine-free and is recommended to be drank at any time of the day. It can be used as your salad topping! 

Compared to Hokkaido-grown Dattan Sobacha, the Aomori-grown sobacha is roasted slightly longer and brings out a slightly less powerful buckwheat flavor, and has quite a creamy flavor and aroma.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Tartary buckwheat (Roasted)
  • Region: Tokachi, Aomori

Steeping Notes

Put about 1 tablespoon (7-10 grams) of sobacha into a cup. Pour boiling water into the cup and wait for 1-2 minutes and the tea is ready. Try eating the soba. It will taste like cereal!


This sobacha has a clear, warmly toasty flavor that lingers for a long time. The roasted flavor together with the light mouthfeel create a tea that is at the same time soothing and refreshing.

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