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Start buy asking a question to be answered. We'll follow up by email with any clarifications before giving our response or scheduling a conference call.
If you would like to schedule a conference call, please let us know of your available times.

Leverage our experience in selling tea online to jumpstart your business with one-on-one, confidential consultations with Yunomi's CEO.

How we can help

  • As a growing business selling tea online, we have real experience in what does and doesn't work. Let us help you evaluate your business plan, strategies, technology, etc. 
  • Product related consultation may be applicable if part of defining an overall strategy, but questions about specific products are free of charge of course.


  • Questions answered by email: $30 per question (Extensive, in-depth answers, but ask the right question!)
  • Video conferencing consultation starts at $100 for one hour. (Time for greetings, introduction of your company, and explanation of your business question is excluded. Time starts from response.)
  • If we have no answer your question or if we decline to answer your question, a FULL REFUND will be offer. (For example, if the request is for information on how matcha is produced, we can answer that, but if it is about how dragonwell tea differs from Darjeeling green tea, we'll decline).
  • Other services such as website development, etc. should be discussed.

We recommend starting with questions by email, then following up by scheduling a video conference.

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