Oishi Tea Farm: Tsushima Yuzu Black Tea

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Oishi Tea Farm

This black tea comes from a small family farm on the pristine island of Tsushima between Japan and Korea, where 90% of the island is still virgin forest. The Oishi family has been farming tea for a decade now, learning to specialize in organic cultivation and processing of black tea. Flavored with dried yuzu peels, a Japanese citrus, the Tsushima Yuzu Black Tea is deliciously sweet hot or cold.


Steeping Notes

  • Tea: 5 grams
  • Time: 3 minutes
  • Water: 90C/194F, 400 ml


Product Info

  • Ingredients: Black tea, dried yuzu citrus peels
  • Cultivar: Benifuuki (tea leaf)
  • Harvest: Summer
  • Region: Tsushima Island, Nagasaki
  • Farm: Oishi Tea Farm (family-operated, artisanal farm)

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