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Azuma Tea Garden

OEM - Matcha Ronin - Azuma Tea Garden: All-Purpose Matcha

From JPY ¥660

Azuma Tea Garden is a family-operated, fourth generation farm specializing in tencha tea leaf cultivation and processing (see below). This all-purpose matcha is a culinary grade matcha from the beautiful tea fields of Wazuka, Kyoto prefecture. A finely grounded, spring harvested matcha, this matcha can be widely used to make delights such as matcha tiramisu, matcha cookies, and matcha lattes… (We would love to hear other ideas!) And yes, it is all-purpose, you can simply enjoy it straight as a matcha! 

Note that culinary matcha has unfortunately received a bad reputation because in the mass market, the term “culinary” is often used to refer to poorly processed matcha. However, that is not the case! This culinary matcha comes from Azuma Gardens and may be the perfect matcha powder for you if you are looking to use it to bake, or to add it into your drink.  If you are looking for a more affordable culinary matcha solely for baking, please take a look at the Azuma Garden's cooking culinary matcha

To discover a little bit more about Matcha Grades, please refer to Ian Chun’s article on Yunomi Matcha Grades.

Product Info


Yunomi Evaluation - 42/100

Based on our own tasting, this product has the following profile. However, tastings are not conducted side by side, and different water, ambient temperature, etc. may affect the outcome. Please use this profile as a simple guide.


About The Azuma Tea Garden 

The Azuma family specializes in growing tencha, the leaves used for creating matcha. In the process of certifying tea fields as organic, they shifting cultivation of their fields to pesticide free practices.

Based in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan, the family has also recently built their own matcha grinding factory becoming fully vertically integrated as a producer.


  • 40g / 1.4 oz / Fully produced (label provided by client) / 50343 / Add best by date of 1 year
  • 100g / 3.5 oz / Standard bag
  • 1kg / 2.2 lbs / Bulk bag
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