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Nishide Tea Factory

Nishide OG16: Organic Uji Gyokuro

Nishide OG16: Organic Uji Gyokuro
Nishide OG16: Organic Uji Gyokuro
Nishide OG16: Organic Uji Gyokuro
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Note: Packages for most tea products will use Yunomi resealable bags or tins (with some exceptions where stated, click here to see info and photos).

Creating organic gyokuro has been something of a holy grail for those interested. Due to the heavy fertilization necessary to produce the richness in gyokuro, it has been very difficult to achieve using organic fertilizers. This attempt by Nishide-san and the farmers he works with is quite decent with rich umami flavors that spread across the tongue.

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivars: Ujimidori, Gokou
  • Harvest: May, 2016
  • Region: Ujitawara, Kyoto


For three people use Tea: 10 grams, Time: 2.5 minutes, Water: 50˚C/122˚F, 60 - 100 ml. This creates a thick syrup of umami flavor. The leaves are then primed for steeping at hotter temperatures: Time: 15 seconds, Water: 70˚C/158˚F, 300 ml (100 ml per cup). For a third steep, Time: 45 seconds, Water: 80-90˚C/176-194˚F, 300-400 ml.

About the Vendor

The Nishide Tea Factory is managed by husband and wife team, Takashi and Atsuko Nishide and their family. Established over 140 years ago, the Nishide family buys aracha tea (unrefined leaves) from the tea farms of Kyoto and surrounding prefectures, and refines them further to craft high quality tea leaves that are uniform in color and shape, and of course excellent in flavor.

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