Kunitaro: Catechin Delicious Green Tea Powder 60g

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Made from 100% Shizuoka grown green tea leaves, this green tea powder boasts 120 mg of catechin per gram of powder. A product developed by the Kunitaro tea factory, it was powdered in a process that prevents clumping for easy mixing with water.

  • Net weight: 60 grams
  • Ingredients: green tea powder, 100% Shizuoka, Japan-grown
  • Instructions: Use 0.5 grams (about 1/2 teaspoon) per 100 ml of hot water, or use 1.5 grams per 500 ml of cold water, and mix well until clumps are dissolved.

About Kunitaro

Kunitaro is a tea company based in Saitama Prefecture with about 71 employees and an office and factory in Kikugawa, Shizuoka. Established in 1962 as a tea leaf packer, the company has expanded over the years to become a major manufacturer of tea-related products.

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