Handpicked Hatsuzumi Sayamacha Kirari 31, Single Cultivar by Award-Winning, 15th Generation Farmer, Okutomi Masahiro

Size: 10g / 0.35 oz / April 14 2023
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From 7-time Minister's Award Winning, 15th generation tea farmer Masahiro Okutomi (Okutomi Tea Garden, Sayama, Saitama), a single cultivar sencha green tea (Kirari 31) shaded for 12 days for delicious umami flavor and carefully harvested on April 14th by hand.

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Kirari 31
  • Harvest: April 12
  • Region: Sayama, Saitama


The Cultivar - Kirari 31

The Kirari 31 is a cultivar that is receiving increasing attention in recent years. It was derived from a cross of Sakimidori (the mother or pollen parent) and Saemidori (the father or pollen parent. Saemidori itself a cross between Yabukita and Asatsuyu cultivars). The cultivar was first produced in 1994 with traits such as disease and cold resistance, good growth, and tea quality in mind, and indeed has shown very good resistance against frost so has been recommended to farmers cultivating at higher elevations. In general, the quality of tea made from the Kirari 31 is greater than that of Yabukita and compares with the umami level and color of Saemidori. Ready for harvest in general 3-4 days earlier than Yabukita, it has an excellent color (as you may be able to tell from the photo) with a mild flavor that is similar to Saemidori quality.

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