Chiyonoen Tea Garden: Mountain-Grown Yame Sencha, Hanatsumi

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Chiyonoen Tea Garden

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The Harashima family's Hanatsumi is the first picking of the year in April, resulting in an extra delicate sencha. Sold as Shincha in May and June.

  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Net weight: 100 grams, vacuum-packed original bag. 20 grams repacked on demand into Yunomi resealable bag.
  • Cultivar: Blended from the best leaves in among their fields (saemidori, yabukita, okumidori, okuyutaka)
  • Harvest: April
  • Region: Upper mountains of Yabe village, Yame District, Fukuoka, Japan. Altitude about 600 meters.

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