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Yokota Blog: Preparing tea for 2015 shincha

by mariko September 23, 2018

150318-yokota-trimming-tea-for-shinchaFeeling the warmth of spring for the first time, we have started the “spring trimming” today.
But only for the teas grown in the greenhouse for the purpose of early harvest.

The timing of “trimming” varies depending on each tea production region, and in cool Sayama region the trimming starts around the Vernal Equinox (3 days before and after the actual vernal equinox day, so this year will be between March 18th – 24th).

The “trimming” is especially important for machine harvested tea fields to level out the surface of the tea tree and prevent old leaves, stems or twigs to get mixed in the fresh leaves of the shicha period.

Compared to the “autumn trimming” done in other regions, overgrown tea leaves during the winter helps prevent tea trees from the damage from the cold; at the same time, the timing of germination plucking will be delayed so there will be less chances of frost damage.
In addition, having young and matured leaves still remaining on the tea tree before the autumn and winter season will act positively in forming nutrients.





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