An attempt at creating gyokuro affogato


Affogato is a dessert that usually involves drowning vanilla ice cream in espresso. Today, we tried to create an affogato using gyokuro mecha from Nakamura-en. Method 3 teaspoons of gyokuro mecha in about 70 ml of 90˚C water. 4 1/2 minute steep time. Our first...

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Tea Recipe: Summertime Sencha Custard


Summertime Sencha Custard by J. Blais SERVINGS: 3 SERVING SIZE: 5 oz PREPARATION TIME: 55 Minutes INGREDIENTS 2 2/3 cups milk 4 large eggs 1/2 cup sugar 1 tbs sencha or matcha powder pinch of salt INSTRUCTIONS Mix eggs, sugar, sencha (or matcha) powder and...

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Matcha Tea Shortbread Cookies


Recipe by Hillary Bergh, Chef de Cuisine, Bon Appetit Management Company This recipe is gluten, nut & egg free, and has been adapted for home use. Makes about 24 cookies Preheat oven to 350 degrees Combine dry ingredients 1 & 1/4 cup rice flour (plus...

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Mickey’s Matcha Latte Recipe!


Recipe by Mickey Price SERVING SIZE: One person. ~8oz PREPARATION TIME: 5 minutes. Ingredients Hot water: 1-2oz Matcha: 2-3g or one good size teaspoon a means of frothing milk: you can use a steamer or a mechanical frother as long as the milk is hot...

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Moroccan Mint Tea


Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe by 4th-market (servings: 2 people) Ingredients: Green Tea: 3 teaspoon Mint: to your preference Sugar: 20 grams 1. Put green tea leaves into the teapot and pour small amount of hot water. Then throw away the water immediately. 2. Put mint...

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Hojicha Latte Recipe

Obubu Staff


4 tablespoons of Houjicha tea leaves (I used Houjicha Smoky Roast)
200 ml cup water
2 – 3 tablespoons of sugar (it depends on how sweet you’d like it to be)
150 ml cup milk (or soy milk)


1. Bring water to boil and add Houjicha tea leaves. Boil until you can smell the aroma of Houjicha.
2. Add milk and have the heat to LOW and boil until the color becomes a nice brown color. Stir well.
3. Turn heat off and use a sifter to sift the Houjicha latte into a cup.
4. [...]

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Matcha Scone

Obubu Staff

I have always wanted to try making my own matcha scones, well partly because matcha scones sold in Japan are expensive, too.

I used Basic Kitchen Grade Matcha powder and the result is a beautiful green color. I also tried using Excellent Kitchen Grade Matcha and I have to say that the aroma is definitely stronger so I would recommend Excellent Kitchen Grade Matcha powder to those who want something more aromatic.

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Sakura Jelly Recipe -

Sakura Jelly Recipe

Obubu Staff

For this recipe, I used kanten, an ingredient that is similar to agar powder. Kanten is made from seaweed and it is often used to make Japanese sweets. Instead of kanten, agar powder can be used.


Water 200 ml
Sugar 30 g
Kanten 4g (this can be substituted with agar powder)
Sakura Tea flowers (desired amount)
※ Natural food coloring (optional) very small quantity


1. Let’s prepare the Sakura Tea flowers. First, soak the pickled flowers in water until most of the salt are removed. Drain and set them aside.

2. [...]

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Matcha Green Tea Cookies Recipe by Juliette Tang


This delicious recipe for matcha green tea cookies comes to us from photographer Juliette Tang whom we are now following enthusiastically on Twitter. Buy kitchen grade matcha [groups_member group=”Registered, administrator”] 20% off coupon code good on all kitchen grade matcha tea powder products(enter at checkout):...

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Taking a Break with Hojicha Latte

Staff - Haruna

It was busy afternoon… Matcha Latte Media staff Ian and Mariko looked a little tired… so I prepared hojicha (or houjicha) latte for a quick break.   Bring water (200-300ml) to a boil with a pan, then add Houjicha (about 4-5 tbsp), brew for a...

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Hojicha nabe (hot pot) recipe


Houjicha (or hojicha, roasted green tea) has recently been appearing in many places. Hojicha latte has become quite popular not only in Japan but in other places around the world (see our two recipes here). Hojicha in cake and other baked sweets are becoming more...

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Gyokuro Steeping Technique

Ian Chun

Remember, these techniques are guidelines meant to start you off. Depending on your own personal taste, the water type you have available, and of course the specific tea leaves, you should learn to adjust the water amount, temperature, tea leaf amount and steep time to...

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How to choose Japanese tea

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