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Easy Recipe: Make Tofu from Soy Milk at Home

Easy Recipe: Make Tofu from Soy Milk at Home ! - Yunomi.life

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Do you know Tofu and have you eaten it? 




Tofu, also known as bean curd, is a food prepared by coagulating soy milk made from soy beans.Tofu was brought to Japan from China in the 7th century during the Nara period, and became popular among ordinary people during the Edo period (1603-1858). Since then, Tofu is an essential food for Japanese daily meals.

There are several types of Tofu in Japan. You will mainly see these 2 types of Tofu in stores, Momen (firm/hard Tofu in English) and Kinu /Kinugoshi (soft/ silken Tofu in English).



           Kinu/Kinugoshi Tofu                                          Momen Tofu


Momen-Tofu (firm/hard Tofu), which is slightly broken down after coagulating and placed into molds to be pressed with weights to remove excess water. It has a firm texture, good for deep-frying, stir-frying and stewing.

Kinu-Tofu (soft/silken Tofu), as it doesn't have the process of Women-Tofu, simply made by coagulating all of the soy milk, has a smooth and silken texture. It's good for eating fresh. Kinu-Tofu is a historically new type Tofu developed in the Edo Period centered around Kyoto.

This time I'll show you how to make soft Tofu with soy milk. No need to make soy milk from soy beans, no need to press and squeeze. Simple and easy ! Ingredients are soy milk and Nigari  as a coagulant.

Let's make Tofu at home !   


How to Choose the Correct Soy Milk 

Choosing right soy milk is very important for making Tofu. If you choose the right one, you'll succeed in making Tofu.

Choose soy milk without any added, sugar, flavor, calcium, vitamin and other nutrients. They aren't suitable for Tofu. Choose soy milk with just soy beans and water. 

Thicker soy milk is best, as tofu might not form if it's too watery. Soy milk with more than 10% soy beans is best.

If "Ingredients: Soya base (Water, Hulled Soy beans (10%)) "is on the label, it should be successful.


Equipment You Need 

Steamer / deep pan

Steamer is the best to use, but you can also steam using a deep pan with a lid, and a plate instead of a steam basket.


Microwave is also possible 

You can make it with microwave although steaming is the best way.  



Soft Tofu RECIPE




[ For 1 cup (200ml)   ]  *you can make 3-4 cups at the same time

Soy milk      200ml

Nigari           5ml (1tea spoon)                  

*Nigari linked is undiluted one. You need to dilute to 5 times when using. The concentration of Nigari depends on the products. Follow the instruction.




Dilute Nigari and cool it in the fridge.


With Steamer 

1 Pour soy milk into the heat-proof container and add Nigari. Stir gently.

3 Put some water into the steamer ,and place the container in the steam basket, and then turn the heat on without the lid.

4 Put the lid and turn the heat on low when the water in the pan is boiling.

5 Steam it for 15 minutes.


With Microwave

1 Pour soy milk into the heat-proof container and add Nigari. Stir gently.

2 Cover the top with a cling wrap and microwave it for 3 minutes at 500W.

3 Take it out of the microwave when it gets formed. Leave it for 5 minutes remaining heat to get formed. Covering the container with a towel or tea cozy to keep the heat in will be good.



Silky smooth!!  

Adding Shoyu (soy sauce) and  Wasabi on top is delicious.   



You can have it warm soon after steaming, or have it after cooling in the fridge. Both good. 

Enjoy the soy flavor and silky texture !! 


I'll show you how to eat this homemade Tofu in meals and as a dessert in the following articles. 


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