DHL EXPRESS: Based on information from customers (US$50-$100 order value) ordering tea and tea ware, there is no import tax, about a 13% VAT tax (this may vary by province though), a processing fee of CAD11.25 and a transaction fee of CAD5.25. DHL Canada will bill you for this prior to delivery. 

Postal airmail is delated but arriving. Please choose Handling Fee option for shipping at checkout and we will send you a follow up inovice by email for the cost of the cheapest tracked option (usually ePacket) minus the handling fee (Updated: May 27, 2020).



Unfortunately, DHL Express shipping requires the importer to be a business and have an import license. If your local tea shop or grocery store is willing to cooperate, please put them in contact with us.

Postal airmail is suspended(Updated: May 1, 2020).



DHL Express generally takes 2 days to ship to major cities, there is no tax for tea, and processing fees are not being charged for orders under $500. Please report any difference in this experience to us.

Postal airmail is suspended(Updated: May 1, 2020).


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