Introduction to Japanese tea, a short guide -

Download a PDF of our Japanese Tea Guide by Yunomi (2019)

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The above PDFs are a brief 12-page introduction to steeping standard green teas as well as premium teas such as gyokuro, an introduction to matcha, and a list of 30+ teas and Japanese tea terms. Feedback and questions are more than welcome! Leave a comment so that others may benefit from the questions & answers.


Edsel Estabillo

Hi, Uji Hakari Matcha tea, how it is differ from different type of matcha. With the bitter taste of matcha tea is there a way to make it taste better?

Julie Burstein

Thank you, Ian, for your lovely guide to Japanese tea! I have been steeping and drinking your tea for a year now, and am so happy to learn more about it! Will begin putting your guidance to work this morning with some Gyokuro. Thanks again! Julie

Hannah N.

This was a really great guide! Thank you.

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