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Yunomi Chado Tools: Chasen Matcha Bamboo Whisk 72 "Kazuho"

Yunomi Chado Tools: Chasen Matcha Bamboo Whisk 72 "Kazuho"
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For the casual matcha tea drinker, a reasonably priced chasen, or bamboo tea whisk is a must. The whisk allows you to froth up a bowl of matcha tea while breaking apart clumps.

Whisk Guide

The "Number" represents the approximate but not exact number of prongs, and the more prongs, the more froth or foam it produces. However, this is not an indication of better quality as some schools of tea ceremony frown upon froth. The biggest school of tea ceremony, Urasenke, teaches that an even level of froth is desirable, and so this has become standard among non-practitioners.

Number Name
16 平穂 Heiho
32 荒穂 Araho
48 中荒穂 Naka-araho
64 常穂・並穂 Joho or Namiho
72 数穂・繁穂 Kazuho or Binho
80 八十本立 (No special name, characters mean "80-prong")
96 百本立 (No special name, characters mean "100-prong")
120 百二十本立 (No special name, characters mean "120-prong")


NAME: Matcha Bamboo Whisk Kazuho (72-prong)
DIAMETER (bottom): 2.2 cm (0.87 in) (to be confirmed)
HEIGHT: 11 cm (4.33 in) (to be confirmed)

Measurements above are approximate

NOTE: Color may not be exactly as photographed.
ORIGIN: Made in China

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