Yamani - Miyama Tableware: Chahaku Morning Glory Tea Cup

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Yamani Tableware

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Product Info

  • Size: 80 × 80 × Height 60mm
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Volume: 80cc (this volume is about 80% full)
  • Ceramics Tradition: Minoyaki 
  • Microwave safe, dishwasher safe
  • Packaging: No box (but we wrap with lots of padding to prevent damage during shipment.

Producer Info: Miyama Tableware

“Tableware created through time and human hands.”

Back in the middle of nineteenth century in Ori Inatsu cho, Mizunami-city in Gifu prefecture, the ceramic ware called “Risen-yaki” was created and it was the first challenge in the country to try ceramics painting by using copper plate.

Miyama was born in this place in 1977, inheriting the art and spirit developed in this area. Our tableware is created by the technique called “casting”, which forms porcelain with plaster mold. This technique involves many people’s skill in creating tableware.

“Beautifully finished material.”

Finishing material beautifully. For white porcelain, it is important to draw its original whiteness, which will lead us to improve its quality as well. Miyama’s white porcelain is created by firing porcelain clay which is rich in glass component at 1340 degrees. By firing in a high-temperature oven, the clay and glaze get harmonized, vitrified and create translucent luster on its surface, and it becomes an easy-to-wash and stain-resistant material at the same time. It will grow to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing through this process. Tableware with the beauty of utility.

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