Takeo Tea Farm: Spring Konacha Green Tea, Ichiban (JAS certified organic)

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Size: 50g / 1.76 oz / Yunomi resealable bag
Year: 2020

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Konacha is made of tea buds, dust, and small leaves that are filtered during tea processing. It has a strong flavor and an intense green color. Another name is 'sushi-tea (sushi-cha)' because it has been served in sushi restaurants. This easy-to-make, thick green konacha was convenient for quick preparation. Usually, a bamboo strainer is used.

Farmer Takeo-san's konacha is made by tea leaves taken only from the ichiban-cha (first harvest tea).

Steeping Instructions

The amounts below are guidelines. Adjust to preference.

  • Tea: 3 grams (0.11 oz)
  • Water Amount: 100cc (1/2 cup, 3.4 fl oz)
  • Water Temperature: 60˚C degrees (140˚F degrees)
  • Steeping Time: 30 seconds

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