Subaru Bemliese™ Cotton Fillable Tea Bags

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These special biodegradable tea bags are made from a material called Bemliese™, developed by manufacturer Asahi Kasei from cotton linter.

Place your tea leaves into the fillable bag, and fold it shut, perfect for deep steamed sencha and other teas that don't need as much space to expand.

Each pack contains 60 fillable bags sized 9.5 x 7.0 cm before filling. When filled, the bottom expands 2 cm (see photos).

Cotton Linter Bemliese™Bemliese™

High Biodegradability - Decomposes in weeks

Because the material used for Subaru's fillable tea bags are created from cotton, when you bury it in the soil (tested by burying 2-3 cm below soil surface), the material decomposes in a matter of weeks (bacterial composition of the soil may change the decomposition speed).


Cotton nonwoven

Polyester nonwoven

Nonwoven fabrics were buried in soil at a depth of 2 to 3 cm.Changes after two weeks were compared. Bemliese almost completely returned to soil through bacterial action.


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