Seiwa: Wire Fold Craft Bags with Window

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Seiwa Packaging

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Also known as coffee craft bags since they are so often used for coffee beans, these bags are great for gift packs. 

Sizes & Weights

  • Small: 90 × 55 × 170 mm, about 15 grams weight
  • Medium: 120 × 70 × 222 mm, about 17 grams weight
  • Large: 150 × 90 × 280 mm, about 22 grams weight


  • Material: Metal wire used at top, craft bag, plastic lining (non-sealable), plastic window (for bags with window). 
  • Made to Japanese standards with Japanese paper recycle mark printed on the bottom of the bag. Tea shops & brands, etc. should consult local packaging companies to comply with your local packaging laws.

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