Obubu KY022 #20: Premium Culinary Grade Matcha (Stone mill ground)業務用・製菓用 高級宇治抹茶【プレミアム】

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This product features a resealable bag.

Matcha powder from Japan

Filling a need for matcha powder that retains the richness of its color & flavor even after baking, Obubu offers its Kitchen Grade Matcha to cooks everywhere. 100 grams is approximately 80 teaspoons. The process of making the matcha tea powder is the same as matcha tea for drinking, but utilizes leaves from the Yabukita cultivar, normally used for sencha teas and more widely available.

  • Ingredients: green tea
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Harvest: July
  • Grinding: Stone mill
  • Shading: shaded
  • Region: Wazuka, Kyoto

Obubu MatchaPremium Grade Matcha

Production Method

Obubu's Premium Culinary Grade Matcha is made with stone mill grinders, used for hundreds of years to make matcha for tea ceremony. These grinders are only able to produce about 500 grams of powder each day, but the rolling motion create round grains that produce a much stronger aroma and a creamier taste that the above drum roll type.

Excellent and basic grade culinary grade matcha powders are made using a ball mill type grinder in which tea leaves are crushed into matcha powder by falling ceramic balls (think of a drum type washing machine). While this allows us to produce in greater volume, the heat generated in this type of processing destroys the aroma of the leaves...perfectly okay for baking, but perhaps not for other types of use.


A few amazing culinary explorers have been sharing their delicious matcha recipes. For ideas on how to create with this premium ingredient, see the matcha recipe collection on Cookpad.

Choose between three different Culinary Grades

Find out more the different grades of matcha powder by clicking on the pictures below.

Premium Culinary Grade Matcha Excellent Culinary Grade Matcha Basic Culinary Grade Matcha
Premium Culinary Grade Matcha Excellent Culinary Grade Matcha Basic Culinary Grade Matcha

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