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Obubu #11: Hojicha (Basic Roast), Roasted Green Tea

Obubu #11: Hojicha (Basic Roast), Roasted Green Tea
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Houjicha by Obubu

Four levels of roasting, and each savory to the last drop.

but do feel free to re-steep cup after cup after cup...

Basic Roast | Dark Roast

Roasted green tea, or Houjicha (ほうじ茶 sometimes 焙じ茶), is unlike any green tea you've tasted before. With a smooth, smoky flavor that is simultaneously light and sweet, houjicha has none of the bitterness of traditional green teas. And like decaf coffee, the roasting process removes the caffeine from the leaves making it the perfect after dinner / before bed drink.

We offer four different levels of roasting with the light roast having the weakest smoky flavor, and the smoky roast offering a deliciously deep smoky flavor.

Other ways to enjoy Obubu's Houjicha

Try making some houjicha latte.
Or try using it as a broth in shabu shabu

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