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NaturaliTea #19: Mountain-grown Fukamushi Sencha, Yabukita

NaturaliTea #19: Mountain-grown Fukamushi Sencha, Yabukita
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Following the harvest in the spring, tea leaves are immediately steamed before rolling and drying into sencha. During this initial steaming phase, by increasing the steaming time (40+ seconds), we create fukamushi or deep-steamed tea. This deep-steaming breaks down the cells in the leaf more than regular steaming allowing the flavor to be released more quickly and in greater amounts when steeping. This results in a deeper green, but more opaque tea with a strong flavor.

Because mountain-grown tea leaves are more delicate than those grown on flatlands, we only increased the steaming by a little in order to create a unique balance between astringency (shibumi) and sweetness (amami), with hints of the soft young leaf buds.


  • NAME: Mountain-grown Fukamushi Sencha, Yabukita
  • NET WEIGHT: 10g / 100g
  • INGREDIENTS: Yabukita
  • CULTIVATION NOTES: Pesticide free. Fertilized with organic compost.
  • PRODUCER: NaturaliTea by the Kinezuka Family
  • LOCATION1416-3 Takizawa Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka 426-0134 Japan

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