Murakami Tea Garden: Superior Mountain-Grown Sencha from Yoshiwara, Shizuoka

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Murakami Tea Garden

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Farm Introduction

According to Hiroki Murakami, who will become the farm's 4th generation master, the family doesn't know exactly when they started farming tea, though his great-grandfather was the one who built their first processing factory in the late 19th century.

Based in the Yoshiwara district, a mountainous region famous for its sea of clouds within the municipality of Shizuoka City, the family produces about 2 tons of tea altogether per year (first and second flushes).

Their leaves are mostly processed as a near-fukamushi (deep steamed), a steaming technique that creates a tea that has fukashimicha's deep, opaque green color and sweetness, but while also retaining much of the leaf's shape.

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Product Info

  • Name: Superior Mountain-Grown Sencha
  • Ingredients: Green Tea
  • Cultivar: Blended from yabukita 6/7, okumidori 1/7
  • Harvest: May 14-20, 2017
  • Region: Yoshiwara, Shizuoka, Japan
  • Steaming: 120 sec.
  • Terrain: Mountain-grown, 7 tea fields

Farm Info

  • Name: Murakami Tea Garden
  • Type: Family-owned and operated farm
  • Established: Late 19th century
  • Production capacity: About 1300 kg per year. The family only harvests the spring first flush harvest.

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