Morita Tea Shop: Tea Time, Genmaicha with Matcha

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Morita Tea Shop

Using Japan-grown brown rice and high quality of Uji Matcha. Genmaicha with matcha has rich flavor.

Product Info

  • Name: Tea Time, Genmaicha with Matcha
  • Japanese Name: 抹茶入玄米茶「庭侍夢」
  • Ingredients: Green tea, toasted brown rice, matcha green tea powder
  • Net weight: 100 grams / 3.52 oz
  • Harvest of the tea leaves: Summer
  • Region of the tea leaves: Shizuoka
  • Vendor: Morita tea shop
  • Location: Saitama Prefecture

Steeping notes

  • Tea: 3g. Time: 45-60 sec. Water: 90C/194F, 1 cup.

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