Morita Beans: #1 Kuromame Black Soybean Tea (100g)

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A tea made from beans? Yes, indeed this is a fragrant and rich black soybean tea from the Morita Beans in Hokkaido prefecture. Similar to how tea and wine tastes differently across regions beans also taste different depending on the land where it was grown (terroir). Black soybean tea is just like that. Clearly, the tea is influenced by multiple factors such as the region where the beans were grown as well as their quality. 

This black soybean tea was made from selected black beans from the Morita Beans farm (the video below depicts the life of an Azuki bean in 2 minutes). Similar to coffee, they medium-deep roasted the beans which gave them a high aroma. This tea can be enjoyed by all!  That is, it does not have caffeine, and does not have any bitter taste. Please drink hot or cold, moreover, one can even eat the steamed beans afterwards!


Product Info

  • Name: Black Soybean Tea, Kuromamecha
  • Japanese Name: 黒豆茶「香り焙煎」
  • Ingredients: black soybeans
  • Region: Tokachi district, Hokkaido prefecture 

Vendor Info

  • Name: Morita Beans 
  • Location: 4-3-15 Mikage Higashi, Shimizu-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 089-0374
  • Established: Originally based in Gifu prefecture, Morita Beans have been farming for about 100 years

Steeping Info

Directions: Pour tea into hot water 200cc, wait for about 3 minutes and enjoy. Recommended to eat beans after enjoying to drink tea

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