Kunitomo: Riguricha Yotanbo - Tea Drunk - Handpicked Kamairicha

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Net weight: 30g / 1 oz / 2018 / 10 servings (30-40 cups)
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Only the first bud and two leaves are plucked in the spring from tea plants grown from the seeds of wild plants, then hand processed by pan-firing to create this Kamairicha.

In the dialect of Tosa (the old name for the region that is now Kochi Prefecture) "yotanbo" means to get drunk. In actuality, the Kunitomo family named this tea not with the meaning that you would get drunk off the flavor, but that the strong bodied flavor is sure to sober up someone who is drunk; a tea they often drink after a night out...


Tea garden owner Akika Kunitomo's father operated a landscaping company in Kochi Prefecture and in the 1990s discovered wild tea plants on an isolated mountainside during the course of his work. He began caring for the plants by clearing away the under brush and but allowing the plants to grow naturally as they had been.

Seeking to return to the roots of tea making in the Kochi region, Kunitomo-san built a small processing factory that focuses on pan-firing tea leaves. Akika took over the project when her father passed away, expanding by using seeds from the original wild plants and creating a managed tea field while continuing to adhere to the philosophy of zero use of pesticides and fertilizer.


  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Yamacha (zairai, non-specific cultivar)
  • Harvest: Spring, harvested by hand
  • Production method: Handprocessed pan firing
  • Region: Ino Village, Kochi, Japan

Steeping Recommendation

  • Tea: 3 grams
  • Water Temperature: 80C/176F degrees
  • Water Amount: 200 ml
  • Time: 3-4 minutes
  • Resteep 3-4 times (total 3-4 cups per 3 grams)

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