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Iyo Yuinoh Center

Iyo Yuinoh Center, Furoshiki: Women Returning from the Public Bath House (large)

Iyo Yuinoh Center, Furoshiki: Women Returning from the Public Bath House (large)
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Furoshiki wrapping cloth printed with the ukiyo-e woodblock print: 'Women Returning from the Public Bath House in Rain'.

NOTE: Colors may appear slightly different depending on your computer's monitor.

ARTIST: Torii Kiyonaga

Torii Kiyonaga (1752-1815) was a famous ukiyo-e artist of the Torii school in the Edo period. He is regarded as one of the master of nishiki-e (full-color print) and bijinga (images of courtesans and female beauties). He also produced works related to kabuki and actors, along with shunga (erotic images).

About the Print

Three women chatting in the rain after taking a bathing at the public bath house. Kiyonaga often paints the subject in full-lenght, depicting the decorative pattern and design of kimono and sash worn by female beauties.


The beautiful textured pattern of the Sumidagawa® brand furoshiki adds elegance to the print.


  • BRAND: Sumidagawa®
  • SIZE: About 68 x 68 cm
  • MATERIAL: 100% rayon
  • TITLE: 湯帰り/ 「雨中湯帰り」
    'Women Returning from the Public Bath House in Rain'
  • ARTIST: 鳥居清長
    Torii Kiyonaga
  • Washing instructions: Please handwash in lukewarm (30˚C / 86˚F) water, or dry clean. Use hot iron on the back side to straighten.



Iyo Yuinoh Center


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FUROSHIKI - Japanese wrapping cloths

Used for centuries in Japan, the furoshiki, is used to wrap various items from boxes, to your lunch, and is very often used as a bag. Strong and versatile, it is an environmentally friendly option to disposable bags. Learn to fold the furoshiki in 14 different ways!

(Source: Ministry of the Environment,

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