Iyo Yuinoh Center, Furoshiki: Kabuki Actor Otani Oniji III (large)

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Furoshiki wrapping cloth printed with the ukiyo-e woodblock print: 'Kabuki Actor Otani Oniji III in the role of Yakko (manservant) Edobei'.

NOTE: Colors may appear slightly different depending on your computer's monitor.

ARTIST: Toshusai Sharaku

Toshusai Sharaku is a woodblock print artist active in the Edo peirod. Little is known about him so his true name and birth place is uncertain. He was only active for ten months, between 1794 to 1795. It is possible that Sharaku was not a single artist but a project by a group of artists. For more information about Sharaku, see

About the Print

This ukiyoe is dated 1794, depicting the actor Otani Oniji III as Edobe, the villain, in the kabuki play 'Koi nyobo somewake tazuna (The beloved wife's particolored reins)'. Kabuki is an ancient form of stylized theater traditional to Japan. Having become popular in the 17th century, it is still a major form of theater today in Japan.


The beautiful textured pattern of the Sumidagawa® brand furoshiki adds elegance to the print.


  • BRAND: Sumidagawa®
  • SIZE: About 68 x 68 cm
  • MATERIAL: 100% rayon
  • TITLE: 「三世大谷鬼次の奴江戸兵衛」
    'Kabuki Actor Otani Oniji III in the role of Yakko (manservant) Edobei'
  • ARTIST: 東洲斎写楽
    Toshusai Sharaku
  • Washing instructions: Please handwash in lukewarm (30˚C / 86˚F) water, or dry clean. Use hot iron on the back side to straighten.


Iyo Yuinoh Center
1-7-19 Kawarayamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0066, JAPAN

FUROSHIKI - Japanese wrapping cloths

Used for centuries in Japan, the furoshiki, is used to wrap various items from boxes, to your lunch, and is very often used as a bag. Strong and versatile, it is an environmentally friendly option to disposable bags. Learn to fold the furoshiki in 14 different ways! (Source: Ministry of the Environment, http://www.env.go.jp/en/focus/attach/060403-5.html)

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