Hagiricha: Shizuoka GABA Tea Powder 40g

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GABA tea in powdered form for consumption of the entire leaf. Exact GABA level not specified, but 150 mg or more per 100g is the criteria needed to be called GABA tea.

GABA, or more specifically "ϒ-aminobutyric acid", is a component in tea created when it the leaf is incubated in nitrogen gas (an oxygen free or anaerobic environment). This process is often referred to as "fermentation", but the term implies a change due to yeast or bacteria, while the specific process of creating the tea depends on the producer. Many people claim this compound has health benefits, but we always stress here at Yunomi.life that this is unproven and may depend on each individual's body. 

Product Info:

  • Net weight: 40g 
  • Instruction: One tea spoon (approx 0.7g), 100ml water

Note: We have not translated the back label. It will be shipped without an english label. Please refrain from purchasing if you have food allergies.

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