Chakouan #04 (H8206): Imari Sencha Sachi no Megumi, Green Tea

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Imari-cha grown in the heart of mountains in Imari, Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. Produced as tamaryokucha, a type of green tea that is processed like sencha but omits the last rolling step that straightens the leaves. This produces a leaf that is slightly curled.

Well-balanced amami (sweetness) and shibumi (astringency), along with a fresh aroma makes it a great sencha for daily drink.


  • Product Name: Imari Sencha - Sachi no Megumi 幸の恵
  • Ingridients: 100% green tea leaves grown in Imari, Saga Prefecture
  • Net Weight: 20g / 100g
  • Vendor: Chakouan Yamaguchi Seichaen Co., Ltd.
  • Location: 45 Hasuikecho, Imari-shi, Saga 848-0042, JAPAN

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