Bizenya: #08 Shourai Blend - 2020 Handpicked Sayama Hachijyuhachiya Sencha 90g 松籟 八十八夜手摘み煎茶

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Yet another shincha from Shimizu-san’s own nogi-en (and others), the Shourai blend is unique because it comes from their 八十八夜 (hachijyu-hachiya) harvest. According to the traditional Japanese lunar calendar, hachijyu-hachiya signifies the 88th night after the start of spring and is also used to mark the start of shincha harvesting.

The Shourai blend is a harmonious blend consisting of the aracha (unrefined tea in which stems and leaf fannings are not filtered) of three types of cultivars: fukumidori (plays central role), yumewakaba, and yabukita.

After the tea is harvested, it goes through a process of withering in which the tea leaves are first sun dried, then shaded for about half a day to bring out the aroma. Each cultivar is hand-fired separately using a roe, then blended to complete the Shourai blend. This tea has been served to the Japanese emperor and empress to accompany their desert at Koryo Shrine on September 20, 2017. 


  1. Withering in the sun. After 30 minutes the leaf starts to blacken with enzymatic oxidization creating a floral aroma.
  2. Sencha processing
  3. Finishing - sorting out stems and fannings, including green-roasting using an old-style drying machine. The hot air used in to dry out the unrefined tea for long-term storage also adds a little toastiness to the fruity floral aroma.

Product Info

  • Cultivars:
    • Yabukita (Bizenya & Farmers: Takanori Shimada, Yutaka Miyaoka)
    • Fukumidori (Bizenya & Farmers: Takanori Shimada)
    • Yume Wakaba (Bizenya) 
  • Harvest: May 2020
  • Region: Takahagi, Hidetaka City, Saitama, Japan.
  • Production notes: Handpicked, grown without pesticides

Steeping Recommendation from Bizenya

  • Tea: 5g
  • Water: 150ml
  • Steeps (1-3) 
      • 1) 70C (158F), 30 sec - Enjoy the fresh aroma and scent
      • 2) 70C (158F), 10 sec - Enjoy the curious taste
      • 3) 85C (185F), 30 sec  - Enjoy the refreshing taste and aroma

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