Top 10 selling teas on Yunomi

The top 10 selling tea products on in 2016 (January - November). We will be updating this list at the end of December! The competition was fierce as this list represents only 16% of the tea sold.

Rank Product Vendor
1 Yunomi Mystery Green Tea: 100 grams of green tea, free shipping Yunomi Tea
2 Yunomi Factory Direct: Handpicked Saemidori Sencha Tea (Free Shipping) Yunomi Factory Direct
3 Factory Direct: Organic Matcha G3 Premium Latte Grade (30g)
Yunomi Factory Direct
4 Factory Direct: Uji Matcha C3, Ceremonial Grade (30g)
Yunomi Factory Direct
5 Nakamura-en #01: Gyokuro Mecha, The Discovery Nakamura-en
6 Hachimanjyu: Organic Shincha "Hisoka", Spring First Flush Green Tea (Yutaka Midori) Hachimanjyu Yakushima Tea
7 Factory Direct: Organic Matcha G1, Ceremonial Grade
Yunomi Factory Direct
8 Dokodemosora #01: Naturally Grown Wakayama Sencha 70g Dokodemosora
9 Yamane-en: Kakegawa Fukamushicha Yamane-en
10 Kurihara Tea #04: Kabusecha Green Tea Kurihara Tea Farm