Organic Sencha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Kukicha, Bancha (Bulk)
Organic Matcha (Bulk) Private label / Drop ship
Please contact us for non-organic bulk matcha.

This section features bulk, high volume lots, and products only available to wholesale clients. You must be logged in with a wholesale account to view most of the products listed here. If you do not yet have a wholesale account, please apply for one here.

Getting started

    • With a wholesale account, you now have permission to buy anything on the website to resell at the discounted price that appears when you login. (Wholesale only items are not discounted.) Promotions are always for retail only unless I specifically contact you (including free shipping promotions).
    • We discourage you from buying certain products by not providing a discounted wholesale price. In general this is because we either do not have permission to distribute for resale. Or because we our own buying price is too high to offer a significant discount off the retail price.
    • Also we limit inventory for the purposes of inventory controls sometimes (the product maybe out of stock or you can't buy more than what is in stock...generally 3-5 units). In these cases please contact us to confirm availability with the respective producer.
    • For private labeling of products theoretically anything can be private labeled, but this obviously doesn't work well with things like Kit Kats as well as matcha from brands where the package is more permanent. If you find products you would like to private label please contact me.
    • Private labeling has an extra fee, but this is negotiable if your quantity is over 50 units per execution. We have matcha prepared for private labeling including this fee here but everything else requires the fee.
    • PREPRINTED LABELS should be sent to us for application. If you would like us to help you with hiring a designer or printing company, let us know. Our management fee is 10% of the expense incurred. We can provide simple, low quality, laser printer labels for free (for example if you are selling online and packaging needs only to be basic, not fancy).
    • PACKAGING for Private Labeled Products: Different kinds of packaging are available from Seiwa packaging but we provide craft resealable bags for free for private labeled products. Other colors, sizes and materials are also available and we only have a small fraction of what Seiwa has to offer listed online so please discuss with us.
    • To drop ship, each order needs to be placed with a drop ship handling fee, and you need to upload the invoice to your customer here as well.
    • The billing address should be yours, and the shipping address your customer's address.
    • Customs documentation will use your sale price as the value.
    • Of course, no Yunomi branding will appear anywhere though the origin of the package will have our Japan address.
    • If you start to get higher volume we can handle it in a different way. In general though, we don't recommend drop shipping from Japan because it is a poor experience for your customers -- longer delivery times and higher cost of shipping. However, it is a good way to get started without investing in inventory, or a good way to expand your current offerings.

Business & Technical Consultations

Leverage our experience in selling tea online to jumpstart your business with one-on-one, confidential consultations with Yunomi CEO, Ian Chun.

How we can help

  • As a growing business selling tea online, we have real experience in what does and doesn't work. Let us help you evaluate your business plan, strategies, technology, etc. 
  • Product related consultation may be applicable if part of defining an overall strategy, but questions about specific products are free of charge.

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Important Notes

  • WHOLESALE ONLY PRODUCTS: Login and access for bulk & large volume lot sizes of leaf teas and matcha
  • SHIPMENT TERMS: EX-Works (for details see here). However, we will work with you to help you in case of any trouble with the shipping company or Post Office. Because you are responsible for the product/shipment after it leaves our premises, we highly recommend that you choose fully insured Express Airmail.
  • Yunomi Delivery Guarantee applies only to individual retail orders, not wholesale orders. So we always recommend Express Airmail which provides insurance.
  • NOTE FOR UK & EU: If you are importing in quantities large enough to be concerned about pesticide residue limits, please confirm with us before making your purchase. Some vendors have tested their products for export to the EU, but most have not as they are very small in scale. Organic products under the Yunomi Factory Direct line are tested and compliant with EU pesticide residue limit regulations.
  • MATCHA: In addition to the matcha offered by the various vendors, we have a line that is sourced directly from three factories in Kyoto, with quality levels aligned to create a standardized product.
  • ORGANIC PRODUCTS: We are not a certified labeler/repacker/producer for organic products, so all final production before shipment is done at one of the organic factories or a dedicated organic packer/labeler. This may not be a final product, as you may be able to label your product as organic as long as you have proper documentation (in some countries like Japan, you may also need to be certified yourself just to place the label on).