Osamu "Sam" Ueda, is a newcomer to the world of tea agriculture. A very good friend of Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations president / farmer Akihiro Kita (they were housemates for many years), Sam experiments with creating Japanese black tea organically. He has studied with pioneering organic tea farmer Toshiaki Kinezuka, and manufactures his own matcha latte and houjicha latte mixes.


Transcript of video

I am Osamu Ueda, a new tea farmer in Wazuka, Kyoto. The size of my fields is about 200 hectares, 1/3 of which does not use any pesticides. This here is my favorite tea field.

(Panning the field.) It's a very steep field. This is the kind of environment that produces delicious tea. More than anything, its a job worth doing, and that's why its great!

(Displaying products.) These are all of my products, including black tea, tea chocolate, and tea soap. (Note from Yunomius, we don't sell the chocolate or soap yet due to export complexities, but will start selling the other teas soon.)

So if you are interested, why don't you contact me? You are always welcome, just contact me.

(After putting down his tea.) I am gathering people who are interested in enjoying tea farming with me in this environment.

(Yelling) I love Wazuka Town!!! I love agri (agriculture)

History & Info

Company Info

Osamu "Sam" Ueda, Wacha Tea Garden
Minami Obayashi, Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-1202
It's just me right now, so I depend upon the community of farmers in Wazuka. We help each other out with farm work like harvesting that requires more than one person at once.
I farm organically and am in the process of getting certified under the Japanese Agriculture Standards system