The Tomizawa Tea Garden has over 85 years of tea farming history in Kumamoto Prefecture, and have received many famous tea awards in Japan. The family grows tea with a lot of sunlight and Kumamoto’s natural ground water famous for its clean and beautiful taste.


In April 2016, Mashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes with main shock at magnitude 7.0. The earthquakes have resulted in 48 deaths, 3000 injuries, and nearly 200,000 people evacuated to shelters in the aftermath.

Tomizawa Tea garden also had been affected by this earthquake with irreparable damage to their shop. However, their tea fields were not affected so they will harvest the 2016 spring shincha. As part of the global tea community, please join us in helping them recover!!


  • 1930 Established
  • 1955 Prized fair of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Kumamoto
  • 1970 Prized fair of Japan Tea, 3rd Prize
  • 1981 Prized fair of Japan Tea, 2nd Prize
  • 1983 Prized fair of Kamimashiki Tea, 1st Prize
  • 1985 and 1986 Prized fair of tea garden, 3rd Prize
  • 1987 Prized fair of tea in Kyusyu, 3rd Prize

Company Info

  • NAME: Tomizawa Tea Garden
  • LOCATION: Mashiki Soryo 1435-8 Mifune-machi Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto
  • FOUNDED: April 1928